The PowerWheel

DIY installation guide

You get the basic kit with PowerWheel(s), control box(brain), forward/reverse throttle with universal cart clamp, and a 48V Li-Ion Battery. All cables come standard length. Extensions are available. The kits are very versatile and can be worked out in many different configurations.

Since they are a DIY kit, and all carts are a little different, the finalization of your build, ie: cable runs, parts placement, parts mounting and tacking down cables will require you to decide how you will set it up. Check out the basic setups below. These are the most popular setups and are great to use or a good place to start your setup design.

If you need to design a different style configuration, feel free to contact us with questions!

The wire runs come in approximate lengths (see below). They usually run a little long to accommodate all styles of carts.

Control boxes and batteries are mounted to the cart by bolting them on or clamping them on. In most cases, there are ways to bolt on everything, clamp on everything, or a mix of both.

Model 1 (shown below) has a clamp on the control box and a bolted on battery mount. It can also be, clamped on control box and battery clamped onto opposite cart post/ Also could be, control box bolted under bottom shelf and battery clamped to post. Whatever works best for your cart.

Approximate cable lengths"
PowerWheel - 2 feet
Throttle - 65 inches
Battery - 2 feet

All kits come with:

* PowerWheel and custom caster fork. PowerWheel can be on the right or left side (Single Wheel). PwerWheel is free spinning when no throttle is applied, sealed and waterproof.
* Aluminum control box (brain), Black or Silver.
* 46V Li-Ion Battery Pack.
* Thumb throttle with lighted battery meter and forward/reverse button.
* Throttle mounting clamp. Easily mounts to push handle or top shelf.
* Foam filled tire (spongy, not hard. Feels like air filled).

Top mounted-quick release with 48V Li-Ion Battery Pack.
PowerWheel system is mounted with quick release brackets that allow you to quickly take off the battery, control box and PowerWheel(s) for quick cart breakdown. *battery is shown, in below pics, with battery quick release bracket bolted to top shelf. The battery plate can also be mounted to the cart post with optional quick release brackets.


Configuration 2:

Bottom mounted control box and 48V Li-Ion Battery Pack. Control box and battery are bolted underneath the bottom shelf, near or in between the 2 fixed casters. Battery comes very thin low profile mounting plate that is bolted under the shelf. The battery slides onto the bracket and is locked into place. Battery can be unlocked, and removed, for charging off the cart.


PowerWheel - SINGLE - Aluminum controller, Silver or Black
Bolted or clamped on (6" X 4" X 2")


PowerWheel - DUAL - Aluminum controller, Silver or Black.
Bolted or clamped on (8 3/4" X 5 3/4" X 2 1/4")


Example of an under the cart setup. Dual wheel shown. Same setup for single wheel. Battery can also be mounted under the top shelf.




48V Li-Ion Battery Packs. Last about a week, on average before recharge needed. Comes in Silver or Black (14 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 3 1/2")